Safety, quality and the environment



Heightened human safety is one of CARBONECO’s priorities. It strives to create accident-free areas and ensure safety systems are continually improved.

CARBONECO has a goal of zero workplace accidents. This goal is not out of reach; CARBONECO believes that all accidents are preventable, wherefore it invests a great deal of resources and effort into developing initiatives and programmes to make this objective a reality.

With this objective in mind, CARBONECO uses a series of indicators to measure safety performance. Based on the results, it creates an annual workplace safety and accident decrease plan, wherein it establishes ways to improve management and the investment needed to ensure its facilities comply with the sector’s highest standards.

Improvements include all initiatives needed to decrease the risk of serious accidents, effectively implement the industrial safety recommendations provided by reinsurance company audits, reduce workplace accidents and remedy all identified safety training deficiencies.

The Strategic Plan for the prevention of accidents and incidents is approved each year. Each unit compiles its own strategic environmental and safety plan, wherein each establishes specific programmes that help improve safety and environmental management, based upon the goals set out in the Strategic Plan.

If these objectives are met, along with all others included in the Strategic Plan, all CARBONECOemployees receive variable remuneration. This is just another way CARBONECO proves how committed it is to safety. As part of this commitment, quantitative objectives have been established for 2008, in an effort to continue the trend from recent years.

Industrial safety - Risk management


One of the primary elements in CARBONECO's safety and environmental management system is the identification and management of safety risks, thereby applying the basic principle of prevention in all business phases.

Along these lines, CARBONECO is developing a series of standards and guides which will ensure the industrial hazards associated with the life-cycle of the Company’s industrial installations are correctly identified, quantified and managed. This will help minimise possible adverse effects on the safety of the people, facilities and environment.

CARBONECO strives to continually update and improve the quality of its risk analyses and, at once, apply these analyses to new facilities or any modification made to an existing site.

In 2007, training workshops on risk assessment methodology were available for staff members. These courses help homogenise the methodology and training programmes related to this kind of analysis and help consolidate documents, making the Company’s information exchange easier.



Management Excellence, by way of continual improvement, helps guide CARBONECO strategy.The principles of Excellence form part of the ethical and professional values CARBONECO has adopted with customers, employees, suppliers, partners and society.

CARBONECO accepts, leads and champions its commitment to total quality, providing the resources required to achieve Excellence and establishing appropriate measures to ensure that all staff members accept and enforce the Quality Policy.

The Managers of each CARBONECO Business Unit / Service or Corporate Area are responsible for establishing and periodically reviewing their Quality objectives.

At CARBONECO Total Quality means correctly managing all of the resources that are at the Company’s disposal, to help reach the highest levels of quality in terms of creating value for all stakeholders over time.

CARBONECO upholds its commitment to Quality:

Following the model that corresponds to each of the business’s geographic locations, move towards Excellence in progressive fashion by conducting regular self-assessments, identifying areas in which to improve and establishing programmes founded on teamwork and the participation of the entire Organisation.


The principles of excellence are part of the ethical and professional values of CARBONECO, and of the commitments we make with customers, employees, suppliers, employees and society

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